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Due to a significant decline in attendance numbers a decision has been made to bring the game to an end. Efforts to recruit new players were insufficient to balance against a steady drop in the number of veteran players attending. We would like to express our thanks to all who participated in making this an exceptional game over the many years during which it lasted.

Materials belonging to the game are currently being held by Keith in the hopes of donating them to another game. Veteran players wishing to claim any of these items should contact him.

About Us

NEWLARP is a Fantasy themed Live Action RPG that is currently run at a site just west of Oshkosh, WI. We use a light-contact combat system involving foam-covered weapons and seed-filled "spell packets". The game also focuses heavily on role-play. The current ruleset used is available via the Rules Wiki. Events usually take place over the warmer months (April-October) and mostly run from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Anyone interested in joining is welcome to visit us during one of our events. New players are generally encouraged to play as a Non-Player Character (NPC) for the first few events until they become familiar with the system and have the opportunity to create a Player Character (PC) of their own. PCs are encouraged to dress in costume, while NPCs will find basic costumes provided.

Experience Awards Have Changed

Starting this year, NPCs now earn 50 times their level in Experience per event day. PCs will continue to earn 40 times their level.

New pricing in effect for 2017

  • $10 Players 18 & up (earn experience)
  • $3 Players 17 & under (earn experience)
  • $3 Non Players* any age (earn no experience)

*Non Players may still join in the fun by running Non Player Characters and helping the Storyteller and Marshals stage encounters for the Players. They just don't have characters of their own who earn experience and gain new abilities.

New Characters currently begin at level 6 with a base of 24 silver available to spend.

You can also follow us on our Facebook Page.

2017 Event Dates are scheduled

  • Event 1 - April 29th, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 2 - May 20th, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 3 - June 10th, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 4 - July 8th, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 5 - August 5th, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 6 - September 2nd, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 7 - September 30th, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 8 - October 14th, 2017 @ County XX in Berlin.

All start times are 10am. Check-in begins at 9.

Here again are the directions to the Berlin site from the Oshkosh area. The address is N1699 County Highway XX Berlin, WI.

   HWY 21
   1: Head West from Oshkosh on HWY 21
   2: Continue West on 21 through Omro (you turn right and cross the river, then turn left to follow Hwy 21 West)
   3: Turn LEFT (South) on County road XX
   4: Farm is on your right hand side
   5: End at N1699 County Trunk XX, Berlin, WI


Changes for 2017

Just a quick note, Dustin and I (Adam) are stepping down off the Board of Directors for Newlarp. Joe Simon is taking over for Plot and Jon Hatfield has stepped up to fill several of the roles that Dustin and I are leaving. Hopefully, the new infusion of interest will help spur some activity on the boards over the winter in regards to role-playing and rules fixes. I've just been too busy with other hobbies to have the time to truly dedicate to the task.

I will coordinate as much as I can to make the transition as smooth as possible. There are enough funds to cover the insurance for next year and I believe there are plans to restructure the cost of the events to make it easier for families. I believe lunch will be removed as well as snacks to save cost. The site expenses have increased a bit.

If you have any questions, I would say head over to the forums and post away!

Last 2016 event is free!


NEWLARP will be having it's last game of the year this year for FREE! This is a great opportunity to stop in get one more game in before the year is done. If you've got the LARP itch there's no reason to not get your game on!

Also at the game (most likely before or after) there will be an opportunity to discuss many of the game topics such as costs(lower costs, family discounts, lunch/snack options, character level gap, etc).

Bottled water will be available, but the usual lunch, snacks and soda will not be provided for this game so please plan accordingly.

Game date is October 8th and the address is N1699 County Highway XX Berlin, WI.

Directions there: HWY 21 1: Head West from Oshkosh on HWY 21 2: Continue West on 21 through Omro (you turn right and cross the river, then turn left to follow Hwy 21 West) 3: Turn LEFT (South) on County road XX 4: Farm is on your right hand side 5: End at N1699 County Trunk XX, Berlin, WI

Please feel free to pass the word to those that may not check the online forums www.newlarp.com/forum or the FaceBook group here.

Look forward to seeing everyone that can make it!


2016 Event Dates are scheduled

  • Event 1 - April 16th, 2016 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 2 - May 14th, 2016 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 3 - June 11th, 2016 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 4 - July 9th, 2016 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 5 - August 6th, 2016 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 6 - September 17th, 2016 @ County XX in Berlin.
  • Event 7 - October 8th, 2016 @ County XX in Berlin.

Rules wiki is back

The rules wiki should be functioning as intended.

Get out there this weekend and have some fun!!

We are still kicking!

Hey all, sorry for the website issues, the server got upgraded and it broke all of our wiki pages, we found a hack that got the page up and running, I'm still working on getting the rules wiki to function again.. ugh.

The game is on for this weekend, no issues with that, the forums appear to be working properly as well.

2015 Event Dates

Sorry for the very late response, these have been posted in the forums for awhile, I missed the post. The events page has been updated. All events are scheduled at the County XX location in Berlin, WI. The same location that hosted all the events last year.

April 18th, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

May 16th, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

June 13th, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

July 11th, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

August 8th, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

August 29rd, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

September 19th, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

October 10th, 2015 @ County XX in Berlin.

Price increases go into effect the next event

The board of directors debated this topic for awhile, but due to increased costs for the site and maintaining insurance along with the provided lunch, we are faced with the challenging decision of having to pass the added expense onto our players.

As of the June 28th event, the costs will reflect this adjustment:

$15 for players

$10 for non-player (monsters)

  • We are maintaining our "first game free" policy.

Rules Version 5.3 released for download and purchase

Download the PDF here: Newlarp Fantasy Larp rules v5.3 pdf-sm.gif This file is 3 mb in size.

Feel free to download the file above and print it as you wish.

If you would like to buy a printed and bound copy of the book, here is a link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/adam-steineke/newlarp-v53/paperback/product-21670866.html

  • We have $0 markup on the books, the $10.57 cost is all printing and binding from lulu.com.

Website issues

Just wanted to note that we've been experiencing some website issues, we are aware of the problem and hope that we have resolved the issue. Some bots were causing our wiki pages to utilize a lot of CPU and the host of our site got angry with that. After a lot of messing around, I think we have it solved.

The game is scheduled for next weekend, so don't forget to send adam your character updates and rewrites ahead of time. If you can't get to the boards, email him at: adam at s t e i n e k e dot c o m.



Rules Update 5.3 released and free rewrites!!

Major rules updates have taken place over the winter. The wiki is up-to-date, with the exception of the "master skills list", that is a work-in-progress.

I will have a downloadable PDF soon, along with a link to purchase a printed copy of the new rules.

Here is a short list of the major changes:

-Religion - dropped to two groups, major and minor gods, so the supreme gods dropped to major and the lesser gods got bumped up to minor.

-Professions - many professions have been combined, a new profession added, production pointed raised, also a handful of new modus were added

-Alchemy - dropped a giant list of potions in favor of making every spell in the game creatable in potion form.

-Goblin adjusted, natural weapon and waylay adjusted, added a large list of rituals.

-FREE REWRITES FOR ALL. No matter if or how you were affected by the rules changes, everybody has the ability to rewrite. Please contact Adam/Barren to handle this rewrite before you show up. You are not forced to use it now, you are able to use it at anytime. Your counter is set to "10", so you can just bank it until later if you choose.

2014 events announced

April 26

May 17

June 7

June 28

July 26

August 23

September 20

October 11

All events are to be held at the County XX Berlin Site, labeled as "Shawn's Dad's House"

2013 season is over, but stay active on the boards!

Dave is taking over plot and he has said that action will happen on the boards over the winter, so don't go into full larp hibernate mode. Stay in touch and interact on the forums. Also, I know some people are planning to do re-writes and make new characters, please contact me to ensure you have the latest level information for your character.

Characters have been updated, one event left to go!!!

Send instant messages to Barren on the forums for any character updates!! See you for "Hardy Hackers Day!" on October 12th on county XX!

Rules updates are now in effect

We have released the 5.1 rules adjustments, there is a downloadable PDF and a list of the items in the forums, here: http://www.newlarp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1263

3 more events scheduled for 2013 **Update Site has been determined**

August 17th @ Shawn's Dads' place on County XX in Berlin.

September 14th @ Shawn's Dads' place on County XX in Berlin.

October 12th @ Shawn's Dads' place on County XX in Berlin.

Location will likely be the County XX in Berlin, not the site we've been playing at. I will confirm this shortly.

New users can join the forums

I have re-enabled the new user registration process on the forums, please go ahead and create your logins.

Events 3 and 4 are scheduled

June 15th @ Edgewater Farms - Berlin cty X

July 27th @ Edgewater Farms - Berlin cty X

2013 Season set to kick off this weekend

"April 19th by Barren"

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at Edgewater Farms in Berlin. Remember, it's the horse farm on County X. When heading West on highway 21, turn left shortly after entering Waushara County. The farm is a mile or so down the road on the left side. I'll try to find something to put out by the mailbox to signify it's the site, probably a shield and a boffer weapon.

Also, if you have character updates, please get them sent to me today sometime!! I haven't started printing characters, but if I get overwhelmed with updates tonight, they may not get done prior to the event.

First two events have been scheduled

"March 8th 9:09AM by Barren"

The first two events have been scheduled, both will be at the Edgewater Farms location in Berlin on County X.

April 20th

May 18th

Sorry the Winter's Feast never came together, the one site that I thought was perfect was too expensive and the other site became unavailable.

Winter's Feast is in the works

"December 4th 11:09AM by Barren"

We are looking to secure a location to host a Winter's Feast. The plan is to do a "pot luck" style IN-CHARACTER dinner with the possibility of holding several tournaments. Once the location and time has been secured, I will post back with details!

October event is ON! Alternate site

"September 25th 11:09AM by Barren"

October 13th - Alternate location: Berlin site, one county road from the other Berlin site. N1699 County Highway XX Berlin, WI.

  • Directions to the "Shawn's Dads' place" Berlin site from Oshkosh area
   HWY 21
   1: Head West from Oshkosh on HWY 21
   2: Continue West on 21 through Omro (you turn right and cross the river, then turn left to follow Hwy 21 West)
   3: Turn LEFT (South) on County road XX
   4: Farm is on your right hand side
   5: End at N1699 County Trunk XX, Berlin, WI


EDIT: July event in Berlin, August in Oshkosh

"July 16th 9:33AM by Barren"

Sorry for the confusion... Berlin is available this weekend.

July 21st Berlin site

August 18th Oshkosh site

Thanks, Adam

July Info

"July 14th 11:33AM by Barren"

Sorry for the delay on characters... I've been swamped and on a business trip... the characters have been updated and are online. I still need to answer and complete some instant messages, I'll have that done this weekend.

Also, should have an answer about the Berlin site for the event next weekend too. We might be holding the August event in Oshkosh... will update you on that asap too.

Thanks, Adam

June Event - new location!!

"May 29th 2:33PM by Barren"

The June event we are going to be testing out a possible new site for our game. If things work out, this may be used for more of our events but we decided the best way to see if it will work is to just try it out. The site is a horse farm but they have some unused land and trails that we are able to use. Actually, the landowner and their neighbor have both agreed to allow us to play on their land.

Here is the address: Edgewater Farms, N638 County Trunk X, Berlin, WI

The directions are very similar to the other Berlin site, only this one is one county road closer to Oshkosh... instead of XX, it's just on County X. It's a ways down the road on the East side (left if heading South).

  • Directions to the "new" Berlin site
   HWY 21
   1: Head West from Oshkosh on HWY 21
   2: Continue West on 21 through Omro
   3: Turn LEFT (South) on County road X
   4: Farm is on your left hand side, there is a sign for Edgewater Farms
   5: End at N638 County Trunk X, Berlin, WI
  • Directions from Neenah or North
   1: Take Hwy 10 West
   2: Exit Left on to 45 S
   3: Exit Hwy 116 S in Winneconne
   4: Follow 116 to Omro, it runs into 21 just North of the river.
   5: Follow 21 W (heading straight at the only stoplight in Omro)... then use the directions above.

This site has a port-a-potty and no need to carry things a long distance from your car, there are perimeter roads on 2 sides of the land and a driveway in the middle.

Great May event!

"May 26th 10:33PM by Barren"

We had a great May event, saw some old faces and a handful of new players as well! A reminder, our next event is at a new site, I'll be posting directions to the site with a map, shortly. Good news, there is a porta-potty and you don't have to "walk in"!


"May 24th 1:33PM by Barren"

The owner at the new site that we are testing in June has asked that we sign a waiver, as it is good practice, we're going to do annual waivers that include all the sites we play at. If you are under 18, please print this off and have your parents sign it.


If that isn't possible, no problem, I'll have extras at the next game and you can take it home. In June, we'll need them signed before you can play. That site has a driveway right to the location, so no worries, if your parents bring you, they can sign it before they leave.

Thanks, Adam

April character updates

"April 17th 10:33AM by Barren"

Please contact me with character updates prior to the April event. I've only heard from a few people so far.

Thanks, Adam

2012 Game Dates Announced!

"March 14th 9:22AM by Barren"

Here are the dates for the 2012 season (Some sites still to be determined):

April 28 (Oshkosh)

May 26 (Oshkosh)

June 23 Edgewater Farms in Berlin (the "new" Berlin site on county X)

July 21 (TBD)

August 18 (TBD)

September 15 (TBD)

October 13 (TBD)

October Event News

"September 7th 5:57PM by Barren"

The October event is at the alternate site again!

Alternate site: N1699 County Highway XX Berlin, WI.

When heading West on HWY 21, you turn Left (South) onto Cty XX, then the farm is on your right hand side, you'll see a sign for "rabbits".

I'll get the characters updated in the near future, please send me "Barren" an instant message on the forums for updates or character information. If you don't have an online character, definitely send me a message and we'll get you setup so you can plan out your character's progression over the winter!

The August event is right around the corner

"July 23rd 7:57PM by Barren"

The August event is back at the normal site off 20th street in Oshkosh. Note: no porta-potty anymore.

Hope to see you all there! Send me character updates!

June event is right around the corner and July event is at an alternate site

June 1st 2:12PM by Barren

The May event was a little light on players, I'm guessing that is due to the holiday weekend, but the good news is that the June event is right around the corner! It is as the normal location, I'm sure Lee will be posting a teaser, very soon! I would venture to guess some undead and beastmen will be in your future!

The JULY 9th event is going to be held at an alternate location, there was a conflict with the normal site, so Shawn has graciously offered his families' land in Berlin for our use. We held an event there a year or so ago and it worked out well.

June - NORMAL location

July - Alternate location

Address to the JULY alternate site:

N1699 County Highway XX Berlin, WI.

note: a waiver will need to be completed at check-in for anybody attending this event, requirements of the new site.

Tapatalk and World Map

May 9th 11:26AM by Barren

I loaded the "tapatalk" forum add-on to our web forums, so if you have a smartphone, check in your app store/market to see if they have a version for your phone, it works great to access the forums, you can post, edit, reply, read/reply to private messages, etc.. well worth the buck or two, especially if you use other forums on the internet. We're in the Roleplaying group in there under the name: NEWLARP.

Also, I've had several requests for a copy of our 'world map'...it can be found here: http://is.gd/J8Mbdk

2011 Events Announced!

March 2nd 8:56AM by Barren

These are the dates for the 2011 Newlarp year.

April 16th

May 28th

June 11th

July 9th

Aug 6th

Sept 3rd

Oct 1st ( Tentative because of bow hunting on the neighbors land)

Also: The land owner also asked if we could police the land a little more after we are done at an event. Lets make sure to pickup our trash and other items, we don't want to risk losing this location!!

Website issues

August 25th 8:44PM by Barren

Hey all, sorry about the website being down.. the larp.com server got hacked and they were transitioning over to a new server and restoring the data. The forums are UP!

The game is still ON, no worries..

Jeremy called the other day and he was working with the port-o-potty delivery guy, so we should be set with a bathroom too!

Price adjustments starting in July

June 23rd 11:22AM by Barren

With the addition of the port-o-potty and enhanced lunch and drinks, our costs have gone up and therefore, we need to pass on some of these increases to the players.

As always, we strive to keep the costs as low as possible while maintaining a fun atmosphere and we will continue to improve the game, site, etc. as much as we can. We have received a lot of "donations" from people buying XP and ratio, but we don't want to base the financial survivability of our game on people spending that extra money. We will use those extra funds to enhance the game in the form of costumes, masks, weapons, tents, etc.

The prices will be as follows:

Standard Saturday event:

Player characters (PC) : $10

Non-player characters (NPC/Monsters) : $5

Since we don't have any extended or overnight events planned as of yet, we won't set those prices until we know the actual costs of site rentals, etc.

5th edition released

April 15th 3:08PM by Barren

The new rules are available to download: http://www.newlarp.com/wiki/index.php/Rules

Or you can purchase a printed book from Lulu.com: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/newlarp-5th-edition/10291088

The newlarp rules wiki is also available: http://www.newlarp.com/wiki/index.php/Book The wiki is completely up to date with the book and makes a handy resource.

5th edition rules

April 11th 10:08PM by Barren

Newlarp 5th edition is available in the wiki... Josh should have a couple different sized options available for pdf download in a few days and we will possibly have the book up on lulu.com to purchase a printed and bound edition as well.

PLEASE contact me via IM in the forums to get your character posted up online so that you can view and work with me on tweaking/rewriting for the new rules. I'd like to get this done prior to the event because there is no power there.

2010 Event dates

March 17th 3:08PM by Barren

At the moment, we don't have the 5 youth members in order to join back with BSA, so we have booked the following events at our current location just West of Oshkosh:

  • April 24
  • May 8
  • May 29
  • June 19
  • July 17***---- changed to July 31st
  • August 28
  • September 11

Regarding BSA, I have several forms filled out and hope to get the other needed youth members in the months to come, hopefully we can register up with BSA and add/move some of the events to the camp by Wautoma.

Moving forward... BSA and a new camp maybe?

November 9 3:08PM by Barren

Karl and I took a nice drive over to Wautoma yesterday to meet with BSA Bay Lakes Council Exec Director and to tour Camp Maywood Wilderness. I have a thread in the 'general out of game' forums regarding our site tour and a lot of pictures of the camp.

The vote in the thread about whether or not to pursue a possible Venture troop in BSA was overall in favor of doing so, so we have begun moving forward with that option. We have a few hurdles to cross before we can say we exist as a Venture troop though and also before we can book the camp at all, so head into the forums and voice your opinion.

This year, we saw our game return to some of it's former glory only to be limited by the size of our camp and small plot staff. In hopes of making the game bigger and better, we need a site that can handle more people and we need to institute some of our old policies again regarding npc ratio. We should keep the newlarp bug in our heads all winter, please stay active in the forums, we have lots of rules changes already agreed upon for next season and we have MANY more to go over in the off-season.

Lets get our attendance up again so we can afford to host full weekend events with inside sleeping accommodations! In the meantime though, if we register with BSA we will have camps available to us that offer a lot of room and also bathroom facilities and camping arrangements as well if we want to do some extended or even overnight events on the cheap.

Event added and it's at a new location!

August 31 1:24PM by Barren

We have added an additional gameday, September 26th. It will be an extended event and will run from 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m, check-in opens around 9.

Two meals will be provided. One around noon, the other later in the day. Check the forums for menu information.

Also, the 26th is a dime day for experience! If you wish to purchase xp, it would be helpful to contact me via the forums ahead of time to figure out your purchased amount ahead of time as it takes too long to update characters on-site.

      • update: costs for this event are: $10 play $5 npc, as stated before, it includes 2 meals.***

Address to this site:

N1699 County Highway XX Berlin, WI.

note: a waiver will need to be completed at check-in for anybody attending this event, requirements of the new site.

p.s. I hear there will be some new/old faces at the event, I can't wait!

Post June gameday

June 25 4:52PM by Barren

Hey people, hope you are having a good season so far, I know I am enjoying it!

The last event had somewhere around 22 people in attendance, so it looks like we're back! The weather was crazy hot, but bugs were not a problem at all, which is good!

The forums are getting busy with rules talk and some rules "fixes".

Also, I'll try to get the characters updated in the next few days, so that I can coordinate with people via instant message on the forums for updates/spending cp's. Keep in mind the need for teaching, I'll have a spot printed on the sheets next time for people to sign if they teach you things, for now, have the person contact me via IM.

Great first gameday

April 30 2:30PM by Barren

Even the monsoon couldn't deter the masses from showing up to the first gameday for 2009. We had somewhere around 20 people for the first event, looks like we'll have start using the ratio system for pc/npc'ing again.

A few new faces and a lot of old faces have returned to the game with vast amounts of enthusiasm!

Talk in the forums says even more people will be at the next event!

New site

April 23 2:44PM by Barren

Josh is working on updating the site to this new wiki page that should be easy to add new information and easier for people to find things. I believe he's also going to be updating the forums. *I have to admit... I made the Joshlarp graphic... so classic!*

Hope to see you on Saturday!

2009 Newlarp Event Dates

April 8 4:28PM by Barren

You asked for them... here they are:

2009 Newlarp Event dates:

  • April 25
  • May 23
  • June 20
  • July 18
  • August 1

Get into the forums and figure out what type of character you are going to play in the new game. All characters start over at level 3.. no more sick characters with gross magic items to dominate the gameday.. it's a level playing field, folks! Get back into the game.. oh and don't forget to check out the new rulebook.. links are all here on the main page or in the forums.



2007 season is off and running

May 1 2:41PM by barren

The 2007 season is off and running. I finally am able to update the site again.

The first event was last Saturday and was a blast! The ground was a little soft in spots but all in all, a very nice setup.

Re-writes and next game

September 19 11:47AM by barren

Okay, the next gameday is this Saturday, it's the last game of the year and it's also the first game of the new plot people!

Character re-writes are going to be allowed prior to the game as well as after the game, but only ONE... If you haven't already contacted me about your character, if you have excel, I can send you the entire sheet and you can re-work it as you see fit.

Otherwise, I can just give you your level and you can work from that.. or the other option is at the event, I will print out your current sheet and you can use that for the day and update as you want and then turn in the sheet after the game to me and I'll get it all updated in the computer for next year.

Also, with the rules committee planning to be active this winter, expect a 4th edition for the spring, if your character is affected greatly, we will again allow a rewrite prior to the first event.

Weekend event this Saturday and Sunday!

September 2 8:51AM by barren

Just a reminder, the format of this event is different from our normal weekend events.. We are starting Saturday morning, check-in at 9am.. game should start around 10 or so.

The event will go through Sunday, I'm assuming early afternoon or so.

Hope to see you all there!

Forums are up!

August 15 1:49PM by barren

Re-register for the new forums and post away!

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