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We are a basically a New Live Action Role-Playing group in North-East Wisconsin (thus the name new larp) that restarted because we miss the fun and excitement of LARPing from a previous game. Each character starts out with a set number of character development points. A player then selects different skills for the creation of the character. There are many categories from which to select. One can choose fighter-type skills, spell casting skills, roguish skills, or various other types of skills. There are even crafting type skills for generating an in-game income. Characters are capable of specializing in a particular area with development cost reduced, but this does not exclude them from picking up some of those other skills that one would find so useful in total character development.

As characters adventure, they obtain experience that is converted into additional character points. Players use the additional points to have their characters learn additional skills. This usually entails having the character find someone with the skill they wish to learn, who has the ability to teach, and who is willing to train them. This is how characters are developed and how they go up in leveles.

Combat is done with foam covered (boffer-style) weapons. Each weapon is to be inspected for safety before being allowed into the game. Individuals may only have a limited number of opponents on them at any one time. Combat is to be conducted in a safe manner with certain body areas designated as illegal targets. Fighting is halted whenever safety becomes an issue and is resumed only when the safety issue is resolved. Participants who fight in an unsafe manner are removed.

Spell casting is performed by reciting a short verse and contacting the target of the spell with a spell packet. Spell packets are made of a small amount of bird seed wrapped in a small piece of cloth; the impact is less than that of a beanbag. Spell packets may be thrown at the intended target wich gives spell casters a bit of a range with their combat, but targets must be hit by the spell packet for the spell to be successful. This means that spell casters can miss their targets and even hit their own party members.

Certain members have a sufficient understanding of the rules that they are designated as marshals. Marshals are the ones who are available for settling disputes as to the proper playing of the game.

To create the situations and to provide the opposition, each member is expected to participate a certain portion of the time as an NPC/Monster/Scripted Character. These people spend the day playing the different parts needed for setting the encounters. Part of the time could be spent playing the part of an orc warrior, a goblin mage, or perhaps a part of an undead hoard. Other time could be spent playing the part of visiting dignitaries, or a knowledgeable scholar, or perhaps a disgruntled farmer. There are many parts which need to be played and everyone has to take their turn. This is also the time when members get to try a variety of skills before writing them into their characters.

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